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Monday, June 06, 2005

Lexicon Transmogrification

One of the things that has, for some time now, bothered me about the Left (and to a lesser extent the Right) is their twisting of the language, especially as it relates to the concept of liberty. Fortunately, I am not alone in this concern:
With the rise of Marxist polylogism in the 19th century, the words of the philosophy of liberty were perverted into their antonyms, rendered not only meaningless, but tools of the advancement of pernicious beliefs. They were systematically expanded to include their antonyms, their connotations were manipulated to produce the persuasive fallacies of Lenin and others. The result was the purposive encroachments of the same fallacies which had plagued mankind for all human history, now newly disguised.

Tom goes on to discuss the perversion of several words including "equality" and "inflation." One word that he doesn't mention, but the transmogrification of which I find especially heinous, is "progressive." Progressive means moving forward or advancing and more specifically in a political context means promoting or favoring progress toward better conditions. Progressive has a positive connotation. The problem is that the political ideas espoused by those using this moniker are anything but positive, that is unless of course you consider movement towards Socialism to be positive. I do not and no rational being could.

The removal of personal and economic freedom is not progressive, it is a regression into a state of slavery that has far too long plagued mankind. Our forefathers recognized these ideals as such and they fought and died to put an end to them. They established a country unique in its thinking. A place where the individual was free to live his life with minimal interference from the government. A place where that same government was a servant to the people instead of the other way around. They rejected the idea that government knows best and left man to succeed or fail on their own merits. Unfortunately, those days are now gone and we live in a world where large swaths of the population believe that government intervention is the solution to all problems and the individual is always subservient to the "common good."

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