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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Diagnosis Blunder

Wow...all I can say is that I hope, for his patients' sake, that Dr. Dean was better at being a doctor than he is at being a politician. A diagnostician he is not, and his bedside manner is sorely lacking.

In what strange world could a person possibly look at the diseased state of the Democratic Party, survey the symptoms and come to the conclusion that they were suffering from a bile deficiency? Apparently Howard Dean was a graduate of the Bizzaro School of Medicine. Since his appointment as Democratic National Committee Chairman, he has been serving up unhealthy doses of hate, ignorance, and political ineptness.

His latest prescription was a tablespoon of ridiculousness. Meanwhile, the patients don't seem to be getting better. Judging by this, perhaps it was not the Bizzaro school but rather the Kevorkian school that Dean graduated from. He seems to be administering euthanasia to the party.

What should really bother the Dems is that it is happening at a time when there is internal strife within the Republican Party between its conservative and libertarian wings. They Republicans are weak, but the Dems are even weaker and in no position to do anything about it. Alienating large swathes of the population on an almost daily basis sure isn't going to help them.

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