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Thursday, May 05, 2005

UK Elections

Elections are underway today in the UK. This represents the third and final piece of the Anglo-Triumvirate that originally supported the Iraq War.

As you know, Bush and Howard both won re-election rather handily. The latest polls seem to indicate that Blair will complete the triple play.

This has to come as a blow to those of the anti-war movement. They put on the full court press on all three men and after this election (barring an amazing move), they will have lost all three times.

Of course, if Blair does win, it is likely opponents will say it had more to do with domestic policy and the EU than with Iraq, but I think most people know that would not be the case. Iraq is still a major hot-button issue and regardless of how much people may say they disapprove of the war, they are re-electing the men that lead the way.

UPDATE: As predicted, Blair has won.

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