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Monday, May 23, 2005

Apparent Deal Reached

It appears that a deal has been reached regarding the changing of Senate Rule XXII:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Fourteen U.S. Senate moderates struck a deal across party lines on Monday to avert a historic showdown vote over President Bush's stalled judicial nominees.

The bipartisan compromise -- which includes a commitment to clear the way for confirmation votes on three of five disputed nominees -- was reached less than 24 hours before the Republican-led Senate was to decide whether to strip Democrats of their power to block Bush's candidates for federal courts.

Of course, this is interesting:
Under the signed agreement, the senators vowed that the filibuster on judicial nominees will only be used in the future "under extraordinary circumstances."

I thought Democrats were already making the case that the current situation was an "extraordinary circumstance," that these judges were so extreme that there was no other choice than to filibuster them. Though this resolves the issue for now, I guarantee this fight is not over.

Any thoughts on which two will get the boot?

UPDATE: Janice Rogers Brown, Priscilla Owen, and Bill Pryor will get votes. Henry Saad and William Myers will get the boot.

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