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Saturday, April 09, 2005


While reading the previously mentioned Cato article about Ayn Rand, one particular quote caught my attention: "radical for Capitalism."

Being a Science buff, I immediately thought of "free radicals." I decided to combine the two into a graphic so I fired up Adobe Illustrator and came up with this:

After that, I thought I would do a little checking to who all was calling themselves "Free Radical Capitalists" because I thought it would be a good idea for a blog ring of Laissez-faire Capitalists such as myself (by the way, if you think this is a good idea, let me know and we'll get it started). During that search, I happened across this article by Dr. Edward Younkins.

It is a reconciliation of the value theories of Austrian Economics and Objectivism. I don't have the time to dissect the whole thing, but it is a well written and interesting read. I will however give you this little excerpt to whet your appetite:

As we have seen, there is an important dissemblance within Austrian value theory between Menger and Mises. However, it is possible for Menger’s more objective-value-oriented theory to coexist and complement Mises pure subjectivism which is based on the inscrutability of individual values and preferences. Although Menger agreed with Mises that an individual’s chosen values are personal and therefore subjective and unknowable to the economist, he also contended that a person ought to be rationally pursuing his objective life-affirming values. Menger thus can be viewed as a key link-pin thinker between Misesian praxeology and Objectivist ethics.

Hope you enjoy it. If so, you can find more of Dr. Younkins' writings here.

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