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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Recoding Template

Some people were experiencing some problems with my template. I will be trying to fix them today, so posting will be light.

I will try to have something up this afternoon.

UPDATE: If you see anything crazy, this is why.

UPDATE 2: Ok, as you can see, the new template is up. It works great in Opera (which I use), but has minor issue in IE and a semi-major issue in Firefox.

In IE, the two parts of the statue of liberty don't quite match up.

In Firefox, certain parts of the sidebars do not show up, i.e. the poll and graphical link to my Cafepress shop in the left sidebar and the Alliance blogroll and Blog Directories in the right sidebar.

If any of you know the fixes, please let me know.

UPDATE 3: Super...thanks to a moderator over at Blogger Forum for the solution to the problems.

The only issue I see now is that IE for some reason is reading the color of the .pngs for the headers slightly wrong. The color matches as it should in Opera and Firefox. There is no fix for this that I know.

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