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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I'm Not a Gay Man

I'm not a gay man and I'm not a Republican, but my guess is that gay Republican men (and women, for that matter) must be getting sick and tired of the idiots on the left telling them they must be self-loathing or have some other underlying psychosis. A good smattering of these can be found in the comments of this Hit & Run post.

It is somehow inconceivable to these people that Gays' politics could be defined by anything other than where they choose to stick their dicks. Surely the Dems realize they are in no position to be telling people they shouldn't be voting contrary to their sexual interests because the same argument argument is easily used against the Dems themselves. If Gays were to truly vote their sexual interests, they would all be voting Libertarian.

In addition, the policies of the Democratic Party are contrary to virtually everyone's self-interest. If they think they are a minority party now, imagine what they would look like if people followed that course.

Perhaps the reason so many Gays are Republicans/conservatives (some 1 million voted for Bush) is that they see that the Dems are using them and don't like it. They see that other interests trump their sexuality. Maybe they don't like the particular brand of Socialism being touted by those on the Left. Hell, there could be a million different reasons, one for each voter, which is exactly the point. Those on the left resent individuality and will tolerate no dissent from the minority groups they "protect" as to what actually constitutes protection.

There is currently a vicious outing campaign by Mike Rogers of Blogactive (who I will not give a link to) to "out" conservative Gays who choose to keep their sexual preferences private. The irony is so thick it can barely be traversed. After all, isn't one of the big issues of the Gay Left and the Left as a whole that what we do in our bedrooms should be private.

You see the same type of attacks being directed against other minorities such as Blacks and Hispanics that don't tow the leftist line. Unfortunately, this kind of savagry and condescension is likely to alienate the left even more and push us closer to one party rule. This is not good for anyone.

I see Michael over at Gay Orbit has a post about the Clinton comment as well.

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