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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Food Police

The "Food Police" crowd, those who think they have a right to control what you eat (for your own good, of course), suffered a major setback with the of a newCDC estimate of the number of people who die from obesity.

Previously, the CDC had placed obesity in the No. 2 spot of "preventable deaths" behind another of the control crowd's big targets, tobacco. As it turns out, it is only No. 7 with an estimated 25,814 deaths. This represents only 1/14th of the 365,000 touted in January.

Of course I doubt that in reality a thing as superfluous as facts will deter those out to protect you from yourself. Even the study's author, Katherine Flegal, is trying to mitigate the effects of this correction:
"This certainly shouldn't be interpreted to mean obesity isn't a problem anymore," said Katherine Flegal of the National Center for Health Statistics, who led the study in today's issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. "Obesity certainly is still a problem."

Certainly, the fact that less than .009 percent of our population of 290,000,000+ dies annually because of obesity will not stand in the way of the efforts to lift the burden of personal responsibility that the proletariat now suffers under.

Hell, even if it was 365,000, this represents .12 percent of the population, hardly an endemic.

At least these researchers had the intellectual honesty to release the findings, even if they are clearly counter to their world view. To many times in this day and age, you see objective science being co-opted by those with a political agenda. The whole "Global Warming" issue is one such example.

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