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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Apparent ACLU Inconsistency

Michael King over at Ramblings' Journal is posting on the ACLU's call for the arrest of Sean Hannity. Apparently, while in AZ doing a piece on the border situation, Hannity, in full view of Border Patrol Agents, stepped across the border into Mexico and then back into the US.

The ACLU and AZ State Rep. Kyrsten Sinema want him arrested.

Immediately upon reading this, I remembered (as I commented at RJ) that I had just seen the exact same thing last night. Bill Simon of CBS's 60 Minutes Wednesday stepped over the border and then back again as well as part of this story. The only difference, there were no Border Patrol Agents there as Simon stepped over and back again.

I am wondering where the calls from the ACLU and Rep. Sinema are for the arrest of Simon.


Unfortunately, the 3 min clip of the piece available on the CBS website does not show the offense.

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