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Friday, April 15, 2005

25 For Freedom

As I was reading the latest issue of Time, I had an idea. I want to do a similar project here in the Blogosphere, except that it will be dedicated to the 25 people most influential to libertarian thought throughout history.

What I propose is to have libertarian bloggers send me a list of those they consider to have had the most influence on libertarian thought. I will compile the list and then anyone who submitted a list will be able to vote online via a Condorcet voting script to determine the top 25. Then each blogger (assuming we have 25) will get to write a short 250-300 word writeup on one of the top twenty five. If we have more than 25 bloggers interested in doing a bio, then we will have writeups for honorable mentions as well.

After this is complete, I will do a post listing the top 25 (and honorable mentions if applicable) with a short excerpt of the writeup and a link to the author's blog post on that person.

This should be a fun project, but I need your help to make it happen. If you are a libertarian blogger and are interested in this project, please do a post on your blog letting others know about this project. Even if you are not interested in doing one of the writeups, send me your lists along with your blog URL. The more input, the better this project will be.

UPDATE: Here are the project members so far:

Liberty Dog at One Billion Red Chinese and a Dog Named Liberty
Invadesoda at Propaganda Machine
Stan at The New American Revolutionist
Al at Old Whig's Brain Dump
Ashish at Ashish's Niti
Tom at hamstermotor
Kenneth at Oldsmoblogger
Trevor at The Will to Exist
Todd at Mister Pterodactyl
Scott at Aggressive-Voice Daily

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